World Cup Anticipation

I am pretty excited to head to Europe on Tuesday. Not for the obvious reasons, such as, going to Europe, eating delicious and mostly healthy foods, because that is old news to me, I’ve lived there from 2006-2008; between playing in Belgium and Holland I’ve seen most of and parts of 6 different European countries. I am very excited to play ball at an international level again, and play again with all of my former teammates with the Dutch National team that I have been part of for all the major international tournaments since 2006.

It will be great to see my friends again, and I hope to help out my team in any way possible when I get there. I am prepared for whatever role they have for me. I’ve been used predominantly in a starter role with the national team, but was brought in as a closer in the World Baseball Classic, which I would need to be ready for again. I don’t expect the closing job though since we are getting 7’1” twins farm hand Loek Van Mil. Loek has recently touched 99 MPH, which is ridiculously fast and easy for someone with that kind of wingspan I guess. I am excited to get back into action with the Nederland, and see if we can’t turn a few heads in international baseball again.

First things first, 3 more games in Portland, Maine, then once I arrive in Holland a game in Holland against Italy that night. 2 games to follow in Italy (I think), then back to Holland to host ½ of the second round of the tournament. That puts 8 teams at our place, top 4 moves on to the final round in Italy. Keep up with me on here; I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop for the World Championships, all the happenings, ups, downs and in betweens.


your rents said...

That's good to hear that you are ready to go, and we will be there to watch you ... it's been a long 6 months for us being huddled around the internet most days to listen to the broadcasts of your games with the Fisher Cats, never sure when they put you in ... adjusting meal times and social life!! Ha... no more, as we arrive the day after you in Holland we are sooo ready to sit in the cold Dutch evenings and soak up every bit of the game atmosphere on the ballfield ... time to cheer!!

Mimy said...

Hi Leon
It was very nice to meet you at the Fishercats game in august. My mother made some pictures and thus your article on all Wikipedia versions has a picture now. You can find the picture here:
and your article is here:
I look forward seeing you again at the Netherlands-Italy game at HCAW next tuesday!
Kind regards,
Floris Jan

Anonymous said...

good luck leon.


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Jessica said...

Tsss...and i thought that one of those obvious reasons would be: to see my lovely relatives, especially my cousins! ;-) hahaha...
It's great to have you here, couz, even though it's just for less than 2 weeks.
CU 2night!

Mimy said...

Well - it was not in Bussum but shortly in Amsterdam we met again. Good luck against Cuba and later in Italy. Kind regards and hope your slider will be going wonderful again.