Hockey bandwagon....

Help me out, I think I might be that guy.

Ok, so I get home for 3 months in the winter for the past few years, and end up sitting behind the tv every 2 to 3 nights to watch two and a half hour hockey game. I don't think I'm that guy. I hop right on the Canucks bandwagon, try to watch all their games, cheer them on and become as much of a fan as possible while I'm here. Does that make me a loser bandwagon jumping guy? I used to make fun of people like myself but.... well in my own defence, at least I'm not one of those real douches that only backs a team if they're winning or make it to the playoffs, I think those are the real bandwagon jumpers.

Go Canucks.

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theoddbod said...

I would only say you were a bandwagon jumper if you said you started watching because you love mats sundin